In Fair Verona, Where We Lay Our Scene

Today, I enjoyed my last morning in Florence with an adventurous walk through the side streets near the central plaza. I had intended to take some more photos of the plaza and the Duomo but there happened to be a race this morning so it didn’t exactly go as planned. However, it was still fun to enjoy Florence without massive crowds and insane heat!

Then, we left Florence to travel to Verona. When we arrived in Verona in the afternoon, I immediately knew that I would love the quaint charming town that is filled with history, architecture, landmarks, and shops.

We began our time here with a walking tour. We saw the Arena, Juliet’s House, Romeo’s House, clock tower, tombstones, and a river with a picturesque view of the town. Our guide encouraged us to visit some of these landmarks in our free time in the next few days. I am definitely planning on visiting Juliet’s House and climbing to the top of the clock tower for the incredible view of Verona. Our tour guide also gave us some interesting facts about these landmarks. For example, visitors can write notes near the entryway of Juliet’s House which can either represent love or hope to summon romance. Romeo’s House is privately owned so visitors can’t go inside it.

We ended our tour with a group dinner. I enjoyed the bread, pasta, salad, and chicken. Tomorrow we board our train to Venice which I’m sure we’ll be amazing too!

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