Alkoholfrei (Day 2)

I am not a morning person. If I did not have an alarm clock set, I could sleep for approximately fifteen hours at a time. It’s just a proven fact. Oh, but the things I do for Germany, which include waking up at 7 A.M. to make it in time. After eating our breakfast in the hotel, we walked over to the tram-station, where I promptly realized I left behind my tram ticket. It was a rough start.


Once we arrived at the University of Augsburg, we were divided into our groups for our company analysis. I was excited that the three German students in my group – Lucia, Lena, and Sara – were also with us last night at the tour of the Fuggerei and dinner, where I already acquainted myself with them. Liam, Kayla, Josh and I, along with Lucia, Lena, and Sara, knocked out our overview of BMW in an hour and presented it to the entire classroom. Afterwards, all of the American students grabbed lunch at the mensa, or the cafeteria at the University. I was pleased that I could eat tiramisu for dessert, rather than Cinnamon Toast Crunch.


We met up with the Master students again for our scavenger hunt of the University and the city. The group was divided into two teams, Team Alan (the team I was on) and unknown. Lukas, one of the Master students, was shocked that we, Americans, found it hilarious to designate Alan as our team captain and proceed to name the team after him. The scavenger hunt itself was quite the experience; we stopped to ask a group of German boys a few questions and watched them argue over the answers (in German), recreated the statue in front of the Augsburger Dom, and ended with three samples of alkoholfrei, or alcohol free, beer. I am so glad we did the scavenger hunt, as it made me feel more comfortable navigating the streets of Augsburg and being able to locate places relative to our hotel.


The night was topped off with dinner at an Italian restaurant that offered an endless amount of pizza, which I could only stomach about half of before I felt full. No wonder Germans are so much tinier than Americans!


Bis zum nächsten Mal!

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