Day 2- From the Classroom to the City

Monday morning started off with our first utilization of the tram system as we headed to the University of Augsburg. We were greeted by Dr. Paul, who is in charge of the program for the University of Augsburg students. We gathered with all of the Augsburg students in a classroom for a brief program introduction and to be divided into our company groups. My group was assigned to Hörauf & Kohler and also included Jess, Alan, and Grant from Pittsburgh as well as Lena, Michaela, and Benedikt from Augsburg. We were given about an hour to work together and create a presentation that would introduce our company to the rest of the students. Thankfully, we collaborated extremely well and the German students were great at speaking English and teaching us German pronunciations. I am glad I had the chance to get to know the other students and our company. I discovered a lot more about H&K than what I previously knew, which makes me excited for our company tour next Tuesday! Our group has already started preparing some questions in anticipation. In addition to our own presentation, we had the opportunity to hear from the other groups and prepare for our other site visits as well.

Working hard all morning left us hungry, so we headed to a campus dining area called Mensa for lunch. The only issue was it was only the Pittsburgh students and we actually got lost on the way. Luckily enough, we ran into one of the students I sat with at dinner the night before and he led us in the right direction. Once inside, we were able to grab whatever food we wanted. It was pretty fast paced so was a bit too intimidated to try to ask the servers for food and ended up grabbing an easy salad and fruit cup. Following lunch, we met up with the future Pitt exchange students I had met- Lukas, Dominic, Josipa, and Laura- so that they could show us around their own campus. The university of Augsburg is beautiful, with a lot of greenery, outdoor seating, and even a unique ropes course.

We were divided into two groups after our tour in order to complete a competitive scavenger hunt. My team’s captain was Alan, and we collectively decided to call ourselves Team Alan. We started briefly at the University before returning to the city, where we would frantically wander to find some information. On behalf of my group, I ended up asking a group of young men if they could help us. Though they gave us some wrong information, they were very funny and willing to help! We also got some help from Laura, Dominic, and our tour guide from the Fuggerei, who we coincidentally ran into and recognized on the street. The funniest part of the day was when our group had to recreate a statue in the city and take a hilariously complicated picture. We unfortunately were robbed of our win, but the blow was softened by sampling different types of non alcoholic beers.

Once again, we ended the night with good food. We went to an Italian restaurant where I had some pizza. Even better than the food was the conversation, as I had the chance to converse deeply with fellow Pittsburgh students Eric, Josh, and Jess. I was so into our conversation that I left my purse while leaving and had to run back to the restaurant. By the time we got back to the hotel, I was very tired but very content as I reflected on the day.


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