Day 1: Willkommen

Hello from Germany!! We arrived around 5:30 this morning. The flight was long and much different than any of the domestic flights I’ve been on; the three rows of seating made me feel like I was in a movie! We had two meals on the plane, dinner and breakfast. Our flight landed about an hour early so we had time to walk around the airport in Munich. The airport here in Germany was quite nice compared to the ones I’ve been to in the states. One of the first things I noticed was that the bathrooms were much nicer all around. They were cleaner, more private, and had fancier technology. For example, the paper towel machine is automatic and dispenses part of a towel for you to use, then retracts it and sends out a new one next time. One of my favorite parts about the Munich airport was the outdoor space between terminals. Germany appears to have a lot more outdoor space for lounging, but maybe that’s just because of the warm season we’re in.


Once we arrived in Augsburg, we walked around the city multiple times to get a feel for where we’re living for the next two weeks, and also to stay awake to avoid the jet lag we could be experiencing. On our three walking tours we saw numerous sites such as a beautiful cathedral, the Town Hall, and the Fuggerei. The Fuggerei were particularly interesting because they only cost 88 euro for annual rent. Jakob Fugger, a wealthy business man, created these as homes for poor people over 200 years ago and they still exist and abide by his same rules today. Finally, we met the German students that we’ll be working with for the next two weeks for dinner. I tried very hard to order regular water, but somehow still ended up with bubbly water. It turns out “regular water” to the Germans is bubbly water. Despite the fact that I was almost falling asleep at the table, it was great to meet such a nice group of people. Today was a whirlwind consisting of a LOT of exhaustion, but I can’t wait to get a good night’s sleep and see the University tomorrow!


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