We’re Loving the City of Love

Today, we took a bus from Florence to Verona. We stopped at an enormous rest stop along the way that had so many options for food. For some reason, I was really craving American food, so I opted for Burger King and was not disappointed. When we got to Verona, we checked into our 4-star hotel and were impressed with our rooms. It is a much more modern style than our hotel in Florence, but I really liked them both.

We then left for a walking tour of the city which was incredible. Verona is so beautiful; it looks like the Italy that we see in movies. The city is very compact, so there are many things to see on every street. Its streets are lined with old-fashioned, colorful buildings. There are also countless stores for shopping, so I’m sure I’ll be checking those out. We learned a lot during the tour about Verona’s history and sites. Verona is home to the Arena, which is a large amphitheater that is older than the Colosseum in Rome and is still used today for concerts and operas. We also toured an area including the homes of the Capulets and Montagues from the famous story of Romeo and Juliet. We saw Juliet’s balcony and both Romeo’s and Juliet’s tombs. We finished the tour at a bridge that had a gorgeous view of Verona.

We had a group dinner that seemed never-ending because the courses just kept coming. We had an appetizer of meat and fruit, followed by two pastas, fries, salad, veal, and gelato. It was all really delicious, but I definitely overate (as usual).

Tomorrow, we are taking our day trip to Venice, and I can’t wait because I’ve heard the city is so beautiful!

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