Day 2: University

I felt a lot more alive today, of course sleeping for 12 straight hours will do that! Our morning started with collaborating with German students from Universitat Augsburg to create a presentation for our assigned company, Horauf and Kohler. When we connected to the internet and began to research, we realized that all of the websites are in German! I guess I should’ve expected this but it still took me by surprise. After the presentation, our group of twenty Americans got quite lost looking for the “mensa” which is the school’s cafeteria. We had to ask multiple German students in the process of getting there, but when we found it, it was incredible. Compared to our college dining halls in the U.S., the food at the “mensa” was gourmet. There were numerous options, all of which looked delicious.


After lunch we were given a tour of the Universitat Augsburg campus by four graduate students who will be studying at Pitt in the fall (H2P)! After the campus tour we did a scavenger hunt in Augsburg. While this seemed like a simple task at first, it became increasingly difficult as we encountered a significant language barrier. Thankfully, most of the Germans speak English so we were able to get lots of help. At the end, we finished in the Augsburg town square where I enjoyed a nice scoop of ice cream floated in chocolate milk, a dessert called eisschokolade. Our dinner for the night was at a pizzeria, where I experienced true thin crust pizza for the first time in my life. It was amazing. I also successfully ordered my first cup of water, commonly known here as “stilles wasser.” Our night ended here, but tomorrow starts our company visits with SGL, so stay tuned for more exciting posts to come!

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