Day 7: the train to Munich

This morning’s train ride was an experience! The train was unusually crowded heading into Munich because there was a Bayern-Munich game in Munich this afternoon. Trying to outsmart the system, at the first stop we tried to get off the train and run up a few cars. However, the entire train was equally crowded, and the doors shut, leaving 17 of us stranded at a train station without tickets while the other 5 were well on their way to Munich. Eventually, we caught the next train, met up with the rest of our group, and made it to Munich in one piece. Nevertheless, we learned the importance of changing plans and improvising on our toes!

With this eventful morning in our past, we arrived to absolutely perfect weather. We took a brief city tour where we learned that Munich was housing a music and art festival today and also saw many of the historic sites in the famous city. We encountered another church with a climb for a scenic view, but after yesterday’s experience, we politely declined the offer. I ate lunch at the original Hofbräuhaus, which was quite a cool experience. The food was delicious but the entertainment made the meal worth it. After lunch, I enjoyed another ice cream cone. This one was cookie flavored, but did not surpass the greatness of my first one in Füssen a few days ago. Dinner was at a hamburger restaurant, which I did not expect to be any different in Germany, but there was one significant difference: the happy fry sauce. There was a specific sauce, literally called “happy fry sauce”, used as a dipping sauce for French fries! I’m not a fan of ketchup (even coming from Pittsburgh), so this was a highlight for me!

Instead of leisurely travelling back to Augsburg on our scheduled train, we managed to make and earlier train but at the cost of sprinting through the train station. Full of hamburger, french fries and happy fry sauce and carrying multiple pounds of souvenirs, I ran through the Munich train station to make the early train (which was equally as crowded as the one this morning) and went back to Augsburg for the night. Today was very touristy but all also very fun. It was definitely different than a day in NYC, but certainly crowded like major cities are known to be. Tomorrow will be an interesting day; we’re touring Dachau which will be a very unique experience.

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