Buonasera Verona!

Today was primarily a travel day from Florence to Verona. We boarded the bus in Florence at about 11 am and, after stopping for lunch on the autostrada, arrived in Verona at 3 pm. Our hotel here is by far the nicest of the trip. We have a living room as well as a large bathroom with a jacuzzi. The lobby and courtyard are also much more substantial than our previous hotels.

After checking into the rooms and having about an hour of downtime, we set out on a walking tour of Verona. The city center isn’t incredibly large and is thus very walkable and easy to navigate. Verona brings together everything that I’ve liked about each city we’ve been to thus far. It has the modernity and bustle of Milan, the air of elegance and old world pace of life of Como, and the old architecture of Florence. We got to see the city walls, the Roman Arena, the houses of both Romeo and Juliet, and the 2000+ year-old Roman bridge (the oldest structure in the city).

We had a group dinner after the walking tour at a little trattoria near our hotel. We had pasta, pork, salad, and gelato. After dinner, we returned to the hotel to rest up for our big day trip to Venice tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more details!



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