Day 8: Mood Shift

Today started like any other day. All of us at random points coming down for breakfast, getting ready for the day, but this was not any other day. Today we were going to Dachau, the first Nazi Concentration Camp. It wasn’t our typical sightseeing day.

The bus ride there seemed pretty normal, even right before entering the camp things seemed normal. As soon as we went through those gates though, everything changed. Walking on the same ground that hundreds of prisoners did years ago was chilling. It wasn’t what I had initially expected, but it was definitely very interesting to be there.

The gate entrance into the camp

There was lots of history here, and our tour guide (again, very good) was very knowledgeable in everything that was discussed. WWII is something we learned about in high school, but there was so much that we all still didn’t know, so learning so much of this in one of the actual Concentration Camps really put you there in the time, which honestly was upsetting.

Throughout the day the whole group’s mood was different, as expected. People weren’t  even walking in the pairs or groups they normally did because being there was intense and it made you really think. Some of the pictures we saw were just disturbing, no other way to put it. I was sickened by how people were able to do what they did to other human beings, the worst part was things like this are still happening.

Something else I didn’t know before, which I’m surprised I didn’t, was that someone tried to assassinate Hitler with a bomb. I don’t think I had ever heard about this and then I learned at the place where the man, Georg Elser, was sent.

Walking through the Bunker where the “special prisoners” were held gave me a weird feeling. All of a sudden I pictured being in that time and thinking that as I walked these halls, Nazi Guards had being doing the same thing. I gave me such an uncomforting feeling that I had to speed walk out of it because I didn’t want to be in there anymore.

The hallway of the Bunker

Being at Dachau was interesting and also chilling to have been standing on the same ground that hundreds of people had been before.

After taking a quiet bus ride back, we were done with the scheduled events of the day. We then went to meet up with our presentation group to work on our final project and prepare some questions for the KUKA presenters, as this is tomorrow.

I got hungry later in the evening and basically everything was closed, so I found myself at McDonalds and I was slightly disappointed in myself.

Disappointment in a picture…why’d I go to McDonalds!?

With not doing much today, I was mentally and physically exhausted and looked forward to going back to the hotel to rest up for another busy, full day tomorrow.



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