Hello Verano

Today we drove from Florence to Verano. The trip took about three hours. Once we got here we checked into our hotel and left for a walking tour of the city. We first saw the house of Juliet and then house of Romeo. We learned about the many traditions surrounding the houses. At the house of Juliet there is a statue of Juliet, there is a belief that touching the left breast of the statue will bring good luck, however, it was very strange to watch people grope a statue. There is also a tradition of writing your name on the wall outside Juliet’s house which will bring you good luck as well. Romeo’s house is owned by a banker so it is a private home. People still sign the wall outside for good luck.

We also saw the arena and learned a little bit about its great history. It was built before the colosseum, but is a little bit smaller. The town uses it to hold many events. While we were in the town square there was a bike event that is held annually to encourage people to ride their bikes instead of drive. It was very cool to see the many different types of bikes. After leaving the square we went to the Adige river, which was a very cool sight.

After the walking tour we went to dinner at a small restaurant where we were served penne and tortiglione. It was delicious.

So far I think Verona is my favorite city that we have visited. It has this certain calm, relaxing feeling about it. I am very much looking forward our next few days here!IMG_1245


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