5/6-Let’s get this show on the road

What a day! We woke up yesterday morning around 6 and spent al day traveling. We got to Germany this morning around 6 AM Germany time, which is 6 hours ahead. I slept for maybe an hour on the plane so I feel a bit dead. Once we got to our tiny little hotel, we dumped all of our stuff in a room because we couldn’t check in until the evening. We went on a brief tour of Augsburg, the town we are living in, led by Dr. Feick. Honestly, I was too tired to really take in that much of it but it was fairly beautiful. The churches around here are ancient and beautiful, but people don’t attend them as much as tour them, which is interesting. The town square is a beautiful place where people young and old can meet and interact. There are fountains all around and cobblestone that people sit on. Also, roads and sidewalks seem to be one thing together which can be fun because it is easier to walk around but also unnerving because cars come out of nowhere. There is far less traffic than in most US suburban areas; everyone bikes or walks. We went on a several-hour-long tour of Augsburg from a separate tour guide and we stopped in at the Fuggrei, cheap and historical housing built by Jacob Fuger, a wealthy tradesman. People still live there today for almost no money. After seeing the Fuggrei, I got incredibly tired and could barely stay awake. I had slept about one hour in the past 30some hours. We got dinner at a traditional Bavarian restaurant and met some of the German students. It was fun to discuss our differing stereotypes of each other and to enjoy some schnitzel. I went to bed around 8:30 PM and crashed until 6:30 AM. A good start so far!

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