Arrivederci Florence, Ciao Verona!

Today we left the beautiful Florence to embark on our trip to Verona. I was sad to be leaving Florence as I didn’t know what to expect in Verona; Florence had it all – the beautiful Italian architecture and setting, more stores than you could imagine, museums left and right – I did not want to leave. Not to mention the exhausting haul of the luggage from the hotel to the bus!
However, once we got to Verona, I was ecstatic to be here. It is every bit as beautiful as Florence. We got off the bus and entered our beautiful 4 star hotel, where we got two room keys! We had an hour to get settled, then we left for our walking tour of the city. Verona is the place where Romeo and Juliet took place, so we walked to see both the houses of Juliet and Romeo. Juliet’s house was beautiful. The walls were littered with names of couples hoping for good luck, and a gorgeous statue of Juliet stood tall as people from around the world touched her breast hoping for the same.

As we walked around, I noticed that just because Verona is smaller than Florence, does not mean it lacks in stores. It is like it’s own little city and I actually love the fact that it’s a bit more relaxed. And the weather and nature of the town is breathtaking. I could not be more happy to be here.

Then as a group we got a very, very large dinner that consisted of bread, tortellini and pasta, salad and fries, veal, and lastly some ice cream. It was a great day and I can’t wait to see what Verona brings me.

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