Day 6: Ulm, Pfannkuchenhaus, BMW

We started off today by heading to Ulm. The first thing that we did here was go up the Ulm Minster, the tallest church in the world. It has 768 steps and is 530 feet tall. Outside there were a bunch of blue Einstein figures since Ulm was his birthplace. We made it to the top, and the views were absolutely stunning. We then went on a little tour of the city, and the city is very neat; all of the buildings except the Ulm Minster got bombed, so there was a lot of modern architecture along with replicas of old architecture.

After this we then ate at the Pfannkuchenhaus (pancake house). They served crepes, and unlike most sweet crepes, I got chicken on my crepe instead of something sweat, and that was probably not the wisest combination. The chicken was good, but the two did not mix very well.

After this, we went to the University of Augsburg for a BMW talk. Me and my group got together beforehand to work on dividing our presentation and deciding who does what. The German students seemed very deliberative in how they prepare for things. I think in general, they spend much more time preparing and analyzing to make everything as close to perfection as possible, where we tend to want to prepare and take action with an acceptance that it’ll never be perfect. At the BMW talk, the guy went over the future of automation for BMW. It is very fascinating to see where the car industry could go. I am surprised that he said that Google is the leader in automated car technology. It is also interesting to see the different stages of how automated cars would move to the point where cars can just drive themselves.

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