Day 7: Munich

Today, we spent the day at Munich. Munich was an absolutely beautiful city; it is pretty modern but historical. They had large statues and open space. It seemed like the streets and the sidewalks were the same thing.

After our tour, we had about 5-5 hours of free time. We went to the Hofbrauhaus, and when we walked in, it was packed. However, there are three stories, so we were able to make it to the third story and find a huge table for all of us. I ordered Bierbratl, and it was delicious. It was a very unique restaurant, and Germans were singing chants on the first floor for their soccer game.

After this we walked to the market, and we then went to the garden. The garden is a beautiful green area with open space and a lake where people were swimming. After the garden, I went for a little shopping spree to pick up some gifts and clothes. We went to some of the designer stores where they were selling normal looking ties for $70, which was insane. We ended up buying at H and M though. We then went to a burger place where I got a bacon burger and fries. Having American food for the first time in a while was pretty awesome.

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