Day 8 – Day Trip to Venice

As a fan of the work of Canaletto, an Italian painter who painted Venetian canals almost exclusively, I was excited to go to Venice and see some of these settings in person for the first time. I was not disappointed by the picturesque visual composition that is Venice. Every corner was photo worthy, until I had to change my standards for what to take pictures of since I was taking so many.

Our activities began with a ride in a water taxi, which was enthralling even though I hit my head on the roof. Our taxi took us to a gondola station, where we took a gondola ride around the city. The sights were amazing, and I enjoyed taking pictures of the other boats. The gondola ride was followed by a walking tour, where we were able to learn more about the purposes of the beautiful buildings surrounding us. A group of friends and I were able to also wander around the streets of Venice and shop for glass art, and have gelato and coffee at a bar. While the sightseeing was nice I am looking forward to returning to Verona and having our next company visit tomorrow.

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