Icafé Engineering Technologies

Icafé has been developed to help coffee farmers in Costa Rica maximize their farming productivity. One of the innovations of Icafé is the different breeds of hybrids the company has been able to produce. The hybrids produced by Icafé have proven to increase bean yield and be more resistant to certain diseases that often affect coffee plants in Costa Rica. Another innovation of Icafé is the biological defense fungi that are bioengineered to fight diseases that can be found in the soil that coffee grows in.

A farmer can come to Icafé when in need of assistance on their coffee farm. For example if a farmer has noticed that the coffee rust diseases has started infecting his or her plants the farmer can go to Icafé for fertilizer to kill off the disease. In addition the farmers in Costa Rica go to Icafé to assure that the coffee they are producing meets the standards sent by the Costa Rican government in regards to caffeine content, water used, and other regulations in place.

A large producer might not want to go through Icafé because of various reasons. The larger coffee producers maybe not want to have to share 1.5% of their income with Icafé if they do not need that much support from Icafé. Also the large producer might have to share information with Icafé that they do not want other coffee producers to have access to. Lastly the large producers might not want to go to the same place to get their fertilizers and insecticides as their competitors so they would have a competitive advantage.

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