Day 9: Venice was “v(e) nice”


This morning we woke up and headed to the train station to board a train to Venice.  The train ride was only an hour and a half long from Verona.  As soon as we got there, we did our gondola ride.  It was so nice to see all of Venice’s narrow waterways and bridges.  Although it is picturesque, the smell is not quite as pleasant.  There are no cars or Vespas in Venice because there are no actual roads.  Everyone gets around by either walking or water taxis (some even own their own boats).  The streets are very narrow, and difficult to navigate.


After the gondola ride, we ate lunch at a restaurant by one of the canals, and I had lasagna bolognese.  Afterwards I had some coconut gelato and waited for the walking tour.  On the walking tour, we saw several squares in the city, St. Mark’s Basilica, the Campanile, and the various shops selling blown glass and masks, two iconic items of Venice.  Many of the artisan shops sold glass, and it was all hand-blown in Venice.  A lot of tourist shops sell masks because Venice used to be a place where politicians came to gamble with their mistresses, and they often wore a mask to conceal their identities.  Some of the masks were extremely ornate, and some were actually quite frightening.  After the tour, I had gnocchi with pesto for dinner (with gelato one more time of course).

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Then we shopped at some of the local stores and went on the train back to Verona.  I’m so happy I finally got to visit Venice!




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