Feet Eating Fish

Today we all took a train to the amazing city of Venice. This was not just any train, it was a bullet train that went over 200 mph and basically floats on a magnetic surface. We arrived at the city split by water, not a car in sight. In complete Venice fashion, we took  a water taxi to our first destination: a gondola ride. The gondola ride was so relaxing, the views were amazing and as we went through small alleys music was being played all over. We got some cute pictures and took the time to enjoy the beautiful scenery around us.
After our gondola ride, we headed to St. Mark’s Basilica and admired the beautiful building. We got lunch not far from there and walked around the streets for our hour of free time. Then, we met back at the Basilica for a guided tour. After dodging many pigeons and trying to find the areas with the most sun, we started our tour. Our guide took us all over Venice giving us history on everything, from the buildings to the people. One thing that interested me the most was the high population of Jewish people in Venice before World War 2. Apparently, Venice was known as a safe haven for Jewish people and the population grew so much that they city had to make the buildings even taller to fit more people. We also saw children running around and kids getting out of school
hanging out with their friends. It really seemed like a great place to grow up.
After the tour we got about two more hours of free time. We went to dinner and got some amazing pizza and pasta, like usual, then walked around some shops. My friend and I were walking around when we came across a pedicure place. Now, it wasn’t just any pedicure, it was a fish pedicure. Naturally, we just had to do it. So there we were sitting on a chair getting the dead skin eaten off of our feet by a ton of little tiny fishes. It was a sensation I truly can’t describe. It tickled but was also slimy and weird. I screamed all the way through. Truly an experience I’ll never forget.
Venice certainly exceeded my expectations. It is a beautiful town full of love, history and great people! Tomorrow we get to explore Verona on our own for the first time! Can’t wait!



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