Day Nine: Venice

Today we took a day trip to Venice- not because it has anything to do with supply chain management in the fashion industry; just because it’s Venice and Venice- like all Italian cities- is beautiful. Before we even actually did anything in Venice, we were amazed by its beauty. We took a taxi when we got there, and taxi’s in a city with no cars, are boats. Even though this boat was used as a taxi, they still made it look nice. There was a sunroof and leather seats, and we were able to take some good pictures.

Once we got out of the boat taxi, we got right onto another boat: a gondola. I really enjoyed the gondola ride because unlike the boat taxi ride, we got off the main street (and by street I mean river), which was really cool to look at and take pictures of. I found it very relaxing. 9/10. Would do again.

Our guided tour of Venice was scheduled until later in the afternoon, and (unfortunately) our gondola ride only lasted half an hour, so we were released for lunch. I don’t remember the name of where I ate (I don’t even think I was paying attention), but I got lasagna and vegetables. The pic is not exactly blog-worthy because it looks like they cut up my lasagna, but I promise you it tasted very good.

As usual with our walking tours, I enjoyed our tour of Venice, because I love walking through Italian cities, and today we basically walked around the whole city. We were all very tired by the end, but as usual, our guide was very knowledgeable, and while it was a lot of walking, I really like that she took us all over because it means that I got to see everything.

This is the paragraph where I would normally talk about what I ate for dinner, but we were taking the train back to Verona at the time that I would normally eat, and I didn’t feel particularly hungry when I came back. Decided it would be better to save my money for shopping in Verona tomorrow.






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