Boating License Part 2

We went to Venice 5/14/2018 and as you can see I wore my Sunday’s best to visit one of my favorite cities in the whole world.  Spence looked pretty fly as well.  I brought my boating license just in case of emergency but I felt pretty safe considering I have a theory that the gondola captain is a demi-god descendant of Neptune.  After this we went to Lunch and I had the best anchovies Pizza ever and tried to give 2 North Carolinian ‘s directions, but they were much too stubborn to listen and I laughed it off as they walked in the opposite direction of where they wanted to go.


Then we went on a wonderful tour of Venice, and the guide dropped the knowledge that google maps does not work really at all in Venice.  This is why the elderly American’s did not listen to me probably.  It was pretty funny to watch one student tell a lie about a spider on another student, but I still felt really bad about it regardless.  After getting lemon sorbet I went shopping and got my sister the small white purse I posted below.  Just a warning if you go to Venice tell your mom, because you might not find good wifi or service.IMG_2614.jpg54802144768__1A55400E-6B63-49DD-8049-A4B17F51A998IMG_2613

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