Day Nine

My day started off with an amazing breakfast at the hotel we are staying at. The breakfast was huge and they had so many options, but I went for a waffle, fruit, and a cappuccino. Today we took a train ride to Venice. I slept for the whole ride, and when we got there, we walked off the train and walked right onto a taxi boat. The views of the city and all of the canals were amazing!

Our first activity was a gondola ride. Five of us went into a gondola, and we toured through the beautiful canals of Venice. I took many photos of the colorful houses along the water.

For lunch, about 8 of us looked for an authentic place to eat that wasn’t too touristy and expensive. We eventually found somewhere, and I ordered the tortellini. Afterwards, we walked around and went into some shops.

Next, we went on a walking tour of Venice. I really enjoyed walking down all of the back alleys, and there were so many of them in Venice! After that, we shopped some more and got some dessert and coffee at a cafe. Our night ended with us traveling back to Verona and finding a restaurant near our hotel for dinner.

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