My day in Venice

Today we went to Venice. We traveled from Verona to Venice on the train which was very fast and comfortable.

After we got to Venice we took a boat taxi to the city center. I liked being able to see the city while on the taxi but banged my head on the top of the boat while getting off. After getting to Venice we took a gondola ride through the city. I enjoyed seeing the views of the city but was disappointed that the gondola guy didn’t sing for us.

After the gondola ride we got some free time to explore the city.  Nick and I walked around the city and got lost which I thought was the best way to explore the city. I enjoyed being able to see the “off the beaten path” parts of the city.

I enjoyed going on the walking tour of Venice where we explored the lesser know parts of Venice. I enjoyed seeing the Jewish part of town and learning how the Jews in Venice lived throughout history. I also found it interesting that the Jewish people in Venice were bankers and doctors and were very respected by people in Venice.

After getting back to Verona from Venice we went to get dinner and climbed the mountain for a view of Verona. I can’t believe how fast this trip is going but I’m trying to make the most out of the time I have here.


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