My Mom Always Wanted Me to Visit the Warriors Over Spending Time with Her

Day 8:

Today began bright and early.  The reason was it was Mother’s Day and we were going to visit the terracotta warriors.  Last year when they went on that day it was so crowded that they had trouble seeing things.  Also, there were tons of people taking pictures of the Americans.  When we got there, it was crowded but not overly crowded.  We beat the crowd by merely minutes.  I thought that there were going to be tons of warriors that filled up the museum but, there were only about an eighth of the warriors finished.  It was still a sight to see.  The soldiers were made over 2000 thousand years ago in the Qin dynasty.  After the death of the Qin emperor there was a revolution that allowed the peasants to overthrow the government.  These peasants continued to smash all the warriors.  The warriors were not discovered again until the 1970’s by a local farmer who was drilling for water.  Archeologists have now been working to discover what all the soldiers were and how to recreate them.  They have been successful with only a portion so far.  We saw the general army in pit one, the high-ranking officers in pit two, and more of the army in pit three.  This was a wonderful experience especially because the warriors are something that comes to mind when you think of China.

Later in the day we made our way back into the city of Xi’an.  Xi’an has two parts to the city, the old Qin dynasty capital and the outside more modern city.  Dividing the two is a wall that originally protected the Qin dynasty from invaders.  We went on a bike ride around the city wall.  This was amazing because we got to see the two sides of the city and everything that the wall protected.  The watch towers were the coolest part of the wall because they had traditional Chinese architecture with the fancy rooves.  The bike ride total to be 9 miles and I ended up with a bad farmers tan.  It was also above 90 degrees so we all needed a shower bad.

Upon heading back to the hotel, a few of us took showers and went to a bakery here.  Everything is so cheap here so even me, being as cheap as I am, bought something.  Afterwards we went to a restaurant in the Muslim quarters that was recommended by Dr. Li.  When Clinton was our president he was supposed to go to this restaurant.  They are famous for their Lamb soup.  It was by far the best soup I have ever had.  Not many locals eat there because it is viewed as expensive to them, but it only costs 38 Yuen (just over $6).  I would definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone.

The last thing we did on the day was complete more shopping.  We found this little alleyway within the quarters that was only souvenirs and no food.  Most of us bought everything we needed and more in this ally way.  I wish we had something like that back in the states.  Everything is so cheap too.  If it wasn’t for the smell and filth it would be great.  I would not recommend this location to everyone, but for me it is wonderful.

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