Non-Disclosure Agreements

Hello, hello everyone! We are back and blogging again. Yesterday, we visited an Amazon office here in Ireland. To my surprise, the presentations were largely based on AWS (Amazon Web Services). I was definitely looking forward to hearing more about Amazon Prime, Alexa, and other services like their music and videos. We did get to explore some parts of Alexa during the first presentation, but not nearly as much as I would have been expecting. I was largely freaked out when they were talking about how AWS accounts for 1/3 of our internet usage and multiple different stock exchanges. I found it interesting that AWS’s stock price actually increased after they had a shutdown in Washington because it made the world realize how many people are using this serving.

When Joe asked about the possibility of Alexa someday replacing doctors or PAs in the future, I was shocked by the presenter’s response. He said it is crazy to think that that will not be a thing one day. I don’t know about you, but I am in no way ready for that just yet! However, it is still baffling to hear that something like that will most likely be possible in my lifetime. Other than that though, I was not overly impressed with the Amazon visit. I was glad we were the first group of students to be given a “tour” of the facility, but after having to sign non-disclosure agreements and be escorted to the bathrooms, I felt like they were very uncomfortable with having us there. Overall, the visit was more of a presentation of themselves than a tour, but it was still informative and a good experience.


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