Shopping round 2!

Today was such a relaxed day and I definitely needed it! We had a morning to ourselves so Clare and I slept in until around 10am trying to catch up on our sleep. We went downstairs for breakfast in the hotel and I had pancakes and fresh fruit! After that we got ready and then made our way down to all the shops near the arena. 

We went into a few stores that we don’t have in the United States to shop. I got a jean skirt and a new top. I’m excited to wear them! After we were done shopping, we went back to the hotel to meet the group to travel to our site visit. 

Around 3:00, we made our way to Mero&More, a small fashion company in Verona. We listened to a presentation from Consorzio Della Moda about their company and what they do. Basically, Consorzio Della Moda helps manage little fashion companies and also help control their supply chain to be efficient. They told us they look for very good quality clothing designers and companies and that is very important to them. They also look for uniqueness in clothing and not just something simple that everyone wears and already has. After the lecture, they gave us a tour of the Mero&More facility and where they design and construct their clothing.

We ate dinner at a small cafe owned by the creator of Mero&More and it was very good! We started with appetizers then had lasagna, fries, and a little cake for dessert. 

Tonight, we all have to pack our stuff and get ready to make our way back to Milan tomorrow. We are doing 3 site visits on our way, so tomorrow will be a very busy day!

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