Last Day in Verona

We had a free morning today to do whatever we wanted in Verona. I decided to go shopping on a main street that has a lot of stores. We stopped in some shops that were sadly far too expensive but had very cute clothes and shoes. Luckily, there were more affordable options too; I picked out a nice dress that only cost €13. Sadly, the weather was not the best because it rained all morning, but we tried to make the best of it.

We then visited a clothing company called Mero&More where we heard a presentation from the manager of the fashion consortium they belong to Consorzio Della Moda). They focus greatly on the idea that fashion should be unique rather than standardized. Also, they emphasize creating quality products and communicating this idea of quality to their clients. We also heard from the owner of Mero&More who explained her backstory of how she followed her dream and found success. She told us that you must have a dream and be passionate about something to make a business successful. We learned that they buy all of their materials from local companies to ensure good quality. We also toured the facility where we saw workers creating samples of clothes to be produced for the winter season. We learned about how they use special machines to cut patterns to minimize waste and cost. They place a large focus on optimizing their processes to create the highest quality product at the best cost.

They were kind enough to provide dinner for us that was very filling and delicious. We had appetizers of sandwiches and pizza, an entree of lasagna, a side of fries, and a brownie for dessert. Tonight, we are going to pack up to head back to Milan in the morning. We have three site visits on the way, so it will definitely be a busy day!


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