Venice and Shelby’s Birthday!

Today we went on our day trip to Venice! And it’s Shelby’s birthday! After arriving by train, we took a water taxi to essentially the other side of the city. On the short five minute ride, we saw many monuments and basilicas on the edge of the water which was interesting to see. I never realized it before this trip, but Venice does not have cars and the main form of transportation is boat so all the buildings in Venice accommodate boats pulling up in the back of the houses by the canals.

After the taxi ride, we took a gondola ride around Venice. This was amazing! This part of our day in Venice was cool because we just had a leisurely ride around the city, literally getting a new perspective of Venice. Also, many of the gondolas we passed had singers and accordion players, which added to the great atmosphere of the ride.

Next we had a free lunch, so a couple of us celebrated Shelby’s birthday at a very nice restaurant. While all the food was absolutely amazing (probably the best meal I’ve had on this trip), the best part by far was that when I went to go take a picture of my food, the waiter thought I was taking a picture of Shelby. So obviously we decided these we needed a picture of Shelby with this random waiter as you can see above!

To finish our day, we took a walking tour of Venice that started on one side of the river, and ended right around the corner from the train station. We started in the main square where I learned that Venice never had a king or ruling family like all the other city states of historical Italy, but instead always had a republic. At one point in time, there was a sitting king in Venice which is why there were so many grand buildings in the square as that is whether the king lived. In this square there was also the first public library in the world! I would love to go back and just walk around the stacks and stacks of books.

The rest of the tour was very beautiful as I firmly believe that literally all of Venice is beautiful. We passed by many churches and bell towers and also walked through many narrow streets that I would have assumed were just dead ends. The best part of this tour however was seeing my high school friend randomly on the street as we were passing through one of these narrow alley ways!

To end the night, some of us went out to dinner to continue celebrating Shelby’s birthday!!

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