3 Site Visits, 1 Day

We woke up early this morning for a busy day. Our first stop was a logistics company called Dotlog. They have 54 warehouses across Italy and supply customers with different brands of fashion, electronics, and even food. They place a heavy focus on e-commerce within their company. They emphasize scheduling/planning, inventory management, tracking, delivery, customer service, and data analytics to provide their customers with quality goods as efficiently as possible. They work to improve the distribution process for various other companies who sell products through them. For products like groceries, it is imperative to have a quick response and delivery time; therefore, having so many warehouses is essential in covering a larger area of consumers in a short time period. This is a competitive advantage that they have over Amazon in Italy because Amazon only has 3 large warehouses in the country. I found this site visit very interesting because I plan to double major in supply chain management and business information systems and receive a certificate in business analytics, which all make up the idea of e-commerce.

Next, we visited a smaller tailoring company, Sartoria Cavour, that specializes in men’s suits. We learned that the process of creating quality suits is tedious and requires special skill. The company has 40 workers and produces 60 pieces (jackets or pants) per day. They create everything from basic suits for daytime events to elaborate suits for special occasions. All of their products are considered fashionable and high-end, though. I found it interesting that they provide suits and coats for Ralph Lauren. We got to see one of their Polo coats, and it was very stylish and seemed to be of extremely high quality.

Last, we visited Mario Fonoli 1 knitwear company. We were amazed when we first walked in because we saw samples made for brands like Gucci, Givenchy, and Louis Vuitton. They create knits in all different styles and colors, but they all are high-end. Mario, himself, gave us a tour of the facility. We stopped in a room with two designers at work. The room was lined with racks of clothing from Mario’s collection, Male 2 Female (M2F), that features pieces that are meant to be unisex. This collection is very unique because the pieces are made to be reversible. This allows for mixing and matching of designs and versatility when it comes to styling outfits. It was really neat because a piece could be transformed completely by simply turning it inside out. We finished the tour by walking through the archive of knitwear from the past 40 years and ended in a room dedicated to their school. Young students, like us, can attend this school to learn the art of knitting and creating knitwear pieces and collections.

The three site visits today were definitely some of my favorites. The day moved along quickly because I was interested in each of these tours. We are back in Milan now, and we have a fashion walking tour tomorrow, so I am looking forward to that.

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