Day 11: Full Day of Fashion

This morning, we left Verona and headed to Grupo Synergia, the logistics center for the Verona Fashion Consortium.  Luca (our ISA guide) commissioned the bus for the Verona soccer team, and as we drove through Verona, everyone cheered for us. When we drove through other parts of Italy… We were met with many middle fingers.  They take care of shipping for ecommerce in Italy.  Italy is a culture where people go to local shops to buy items, so the percentage of citizens that participate in ecommerce is very low.  Therefore, Grupo Synergia predicts that in the future a hybrid of ecommerce and actual stores will be most successful.  For example, a customer can order a product online and go and pick it up in the store.


Afterwards, we went to Sartoria Cavour, a tailoring company in Verona.  They make custom suits, and sell them to various companies such as Ralph Lauren.  Each day, they only make 60 suits, so obviously special care goes into making each one.  Also, many of the employees are women, so in order to “attract” women to work for them, they close down the factory at 2 pm.  We even got to see how suits were tailored before machinery was created to print each piece of the suit.

We enjoyed a nice group lunch of cured meats, tortellini, and tiramisu.  We walked around the shops and bridges in the small town that we ate lunch at and then went to the Mario Faroni Knitwear Factory.

MF1 makes knitwear for many famous brands such as Gucci and Givenchy.  Once the designer draws a picture, computer programs put it into the computer which sends it to machines to create the knits.  This knitwear is then ironed and assembled by workers and sold to whichever company commissioned the product. Mario is even designing his own line called “Man to Female,” which involves reversible clothing with both a feminine and masculine side.  We got to see the archive, of every knitwear ever created.  I wanted so badly to pick out just one thing to take home, but I know that all of those products are worth more than my life.  Mario had a lot of wisdom to share, and I really wish I spoke Italian so that nothing was lost in translation.

We spent the rest of the day on the bus back to Milan.  I can’t believe that it’s almost time to go home!

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