Day 11: The Dreaded Day

So here we are: Presentation Day.

I said in Day 6’s blog that Ulm was one of the days I was least looking forward to (because of the 768 steps) however, as I also mentioned I was wrong. Today was probably one of my least favorite days as it was time for our final presentation. This meant a couple things: 1. Brought on more of the nerves, presenting’s really not my thing and I knew I’d be super nervous. 2. It meant the trip was coming to an end, and that was definitely something I really did not want to happen.

Day 6 Blog: Wrong info about the least favorite day

Okay so our scheduled day technically didn’t start until 5:30pm for the presentations, but they gave us this time so we could further practice our presentations. We were also given the opportunity to get lunch at Mensa again if we chose to: ‘free’ meal? Yes, please! Our group decided we’d meet there at 1, so sleep in right?

No. Well, kind of. We didn’t have to wake up for a 7 or even 8am start time. With this being said I still set my alarm for 8am making sure I would have time to prep and practice, but also Jackie, Ally and I decided we’d finally get fresh strawberries from the stand in the town. We had breakfast downstairs before leaving. While eating we had a little train freak out for going to Austria. Luckily, we got it sorted out after Arielle helped us too.

Our strawberries, look how red and fresh they look! They were amazing!

While eating our strawberries (and nutella we grabbed), I was running through our powerpoint and taking notes for the final presentation that was only hours away now. After some time of prep and rehearsing, it was time to go to the university for lunch.

Lunch was good, and basically cleared my plate this time! Megan also had grabbed a plate that looked delicious, and it was, as she let me try it. It was a dish called Dampfnudel, which I want to try making when I get home!

We left Mensa for the final time, found a spot in the business building and went to work. Together our group wrote out our parts/notes individually and once finished with that, came together and practice the presentation, making sure it was under the time limit. We just kept going: practicing on our own, coming together again, and making sure the slides were all set.

Presentation prep (and worrying)!

5:15pm and it was time to enter the presentation room. At this point my nerves were high. I was hoping we’d go near the front of the presenting order since we were 2nd to last for the intro presentation. Unfortunately, they had us pick numbers and AJ’s luck wasn’t there since he picked and selected 5…there are only 5 groups. So at this point not only was I already super nervous, but now I was going to have to be nervous up until the very last point!

7:40pm. We’re up. Introduction and bam! Technical difficulties. Whyyyyy?!?!?!?! Nerves sky-rocketing now. I keep looking at my watch thinking how much time have we used up with that, worrying through the whole thing. 5 minute warning is held up, watch check ahhhh…almost done.

“Thank you for your attention, any questions” Nerves should settle now, but nope because Q+A could be anything unexpected at this point. Questions come in and answers are delivered. “Okay I think that’s all we have time for” I hear happiness in these words: We’re done. Finally, we did it!

After a tiring day, several of us decided to grab dinner. We went to Allegro, an Italian place we’d been to before, but it was good and not too expensive. We finished up with our night and headed back to the hotel. We have an earlier morning tomorrow than we’d had the past couple days, so some rest was needed, especially since tomorrow’s a pretty packed day!

See you with a wrap-up of tomorrow’s events!


P.S. sorry for the lack of pictures (not a very exciting day)!

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