Day 9: Enterprise: We’ll.. not pick you up?

Us? Doing cool stuff in Ireland? Who would’ve guessed! Another day another dollar.

This day started at FoodCloud and ended at Enterprise Ireland. Let’s retrace our steps and see what happened in between.

So first, we were greeted by John Pakenham, Business Development Manager at FoodCloud.  Prior to coming to work at FoodCloud, he had worked for Tesco for many years. John sat us down at the Dublin hub and presented some bits of information on slides; this was very brief, though. What I enjoyed is that John took us on a walking tour of the facilities. Given that it was so compact, we were able to see all parts: from office space, to IT, to the warehouse. In general, it was interesting to see the contrast between the inner workings of a for-profit and non-profit business.

After FoodCloud, our next stop was Enterprise Ireland. Contrary to popular belief, this was NOT a rental car company. Essentially what they do is support Irish businesses in the global spectrum. Whether or not this was because I was assigned to this company at the beginning of the trip, I actually really enjoyed my experience. I thought that the presenters struck a perfect balance between professional and casual while simultaneously presenting info in and easy to understand fashion.

What I thought was most interesting was seeing all of the implications that Brexit will have on Ireland’s economy. A statistic that stood out to me is the following: In 2017, 62% of Enterprise Ireland’s affiliate companies had no measures in place to prepare for implications caused by Brexit. That is wild! To see that Enterprise Ireland is actively fighting to safeguard these companies is something I definitely admire. Also with Enterprise Ireland, I really like the emphasis on entrepreneurship. As someone who considers themselves entrepreneurial, it was good to see an organization like them be so supportive of these endeavors. Also, it must be stated that this is a government funded company. You Rock, Ireland!7972aa89-b730-485b-911d-9c661c91b0b0.jpg


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