Food Cloud/Enterprise Ireland

Yesterday we visited Enterprise Ireland and Food Cloud, which reminded me a lot about our visit to Bord Bia. All three companies had some relation to the food and agriculture industry, and sometimes complimented one another. Personally, I found Food Cloud just as fascinating as Bord Bia, however I only truly enjoyed one presenter from Enterprise Ireland, and I felt as though she was extremely rushed because the previous presenters took up all of her time. Her emphasis on women empowerment was extremely relevant to things that are happening in the United States right now.

Bord Bia and Food Cloud both seem like companies I would want to work for. They are extremely efficient and working towards a greater good. They encompass Irish values meanwhile providing for the people in this country and benefitting the rest of the world as a result. One key theme I noticed was efficiency. Whether the goal was to eliminate waste, create jobs, or teach businesses how to operate better, the theme of efficiency was prevalent.

I tried looking into companies in the United States that are similar to these ones and came up with nothing. I found a company called “Feeding America”, however they were in extremely select locations. Not only that, but I could not find a single app that was functioning enough to accomplish the initiatives that the Irish companies strive to accomplish. Overall, hearing about Ireland’s food industry was extremely fascinating, and even the more economic side of Enterprise Ireland was great, but I could live without all the technical stuff!

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