Exploring the Amazon

Hello, all today we started the day off with a site visit to Amazon and it was interesting, to say the least. I think we could all tell how much of a presence has in Dublin when we went to the wrong Amazon building for our visit. We ended up in their brand new office building and you could see just how much they were planning to expand based on how big it was, one of our speakers said they would be moving over 1000 employees into the building. One other thing I found interesting was when we arrived we were all forced to sign non-disclosure agreements and had to be escorted around the building at all times. I understand why they did this, but I just found it very interesting compared to when we visited google and they were very welcoming and showed us all around their offices.

I really enjoyed the speakers we heard at Amazon, I found them both interesting and informative. Our first speaker was all about the Alexa product and everything they are doing with the technology. I had no idea that they were putting Alexa into products from other companies and just how big they saw the technology could become. A question was about “is it crazy to think that one day we could be doing a doctors appointment with the Alexa” and the speaker’s response was “I think its crazy to think that won’t happen” which I found both amazing and terrifying at the same time.

One of our other speakers talked all about the Amazon Web Services division which I didn’t even know existed. I thought it was pretty incredible for a company that size to have a division that I didnt even know existed. He talked about how his division handled and monitored all of the cloud computing they do for their clients. It was amazing to hear just how many huge corporations that they have as clients. Perhaps the craziest thing we heard all day was that if Amazon ever crashes that 1/3 of the internet will also crash. I think that is what I left with the most, just how much bigger of a company Amazon actually is than I thought it was.

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