Food Cloud, Enterprise Ireland

Today we had the pleasure of visiting two different companies. Both were very different and worked in completely different ways which were very interesting to see the contrasts between the two.

First, we visited a nonprofit company called Food Cloud. I thought food cloud was very interesting. Going into the site visit, we had gotten some background on what they did and my impression was that it was basically going to be a food redistribution center. Once we got there, I realized it was much more than that. While it was one of their food redistribution “hubs” our speaker talked about just how much technology they use to their advantage. They developed their own mobile application that charities can use to as he said “pick what they want from the menu” and they will package it and have it ready for them to pick up. He said that over half of their staff was dedicated to working on and maintaining their application which I found pretty shocking based on the size of the company. I really enjoyed the visit to food cloud and their mission of helping end food waste.

The next company we visited was Enterprise Ireland. Enterprise Ireland is a government agency responsible for helping Irish companies achieve global success. From the beginning of this visit, it felt like we were in a company back in the US. Everyone was very buttoned up and had a very professional office feel to it as opposed to some of the other companies we visited on this trip. When it came to the presenters I enjoyed some of them but just wished we had more time to ask them more questions to get a better idea of exactly what they work on since they all spoke very quickly and put out a lot of information. I think as a group it seemed everyone enjoyed the last two speakers the most. This is probably because they spoke on topics that we as students can relate to such as career development and entrepreneurship.

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