Ireland Day 9


Today we visited Food Cloud and Enterprise Ireland. While I enjoyed both tours, they were very different from each other. Food Cloud was the first that we visited and it was different from any company we have visited so far in my opinion. It was really interesting to see the warehouse full of food that they distribute to different organizations. I love how when our tour guide was asked what they would do if they went out of business and he said “that’s the goal. If we go out of business, then we’ve done our job.” This truly demonstrated to me how great of an organization Food Cloud is. Our tour guide was very laid back yet informative.

As far as Enterprise Ireland goes, it was very put together and straight forward. We were even given an itinerary before we arrived which we haven’t had on any visit! They had four presenters and each of them were very informative. I really enjoyed the last presenter because she showed us specific start ups that they have invested in. The concept of their business reminded me of the show shark tank in some ways! Each presenter gave us a different view on the company and what they do which I found to be very insightful and helpful in understanding what exactly Enterprise Ireland is all about. After listening to the presentations it is obvious that Enterprise Ireland is a company that takes part in many different industries. I found this site visit to be very interesting and intriguing.

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