Ireland Day 8

Today we did a site visit at Amazon. After visiting Google last week, I was expecting a laid back experience since that is what Google provided. Contrary to my thoughts going in, Amazon was very strict. We had to be checked in upon entering and were not allowed to be alone at any point. I had to be escorted to the bathroom! Also, we were not allowed to take any photos and we had to sign a non-disclosure agreement! Obviously Amazon has to be very careful regarding security so I guess I should not be surprised by these rules. Other than the strict rules, I did enjoy this visit. Specifically, I enjoyed listening to the presenter regarding Alexa. I had never seen the version that he brought in so it was very cool to learn about!

Something that I found to be quite interesting during this visit was the overall dialogue of the speakers. Amazon owns so much and is seemingly “running the world”. I figured that going into the site visit the speakers would try to steer us away from this opinion of Amazon and do their best to make them seem like less of a monopolistic company. They actually did the complete opposite! The speakers went through the various companies that they run and then said that if Amazon went down the whole world would go down. I was surprised that they said this in a way! Overall, the visit was very informative and definitely gave me some more insight into Amazon as a company.

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