It’s Always Day 1 in Amazon

On Monday, we had a site visit in one of the leading companies on technology: Amazon. It was one of my favorite site visits because I learned so much about Amazon that I didn’t know before. Also, I felt that the employees and company were very welcoming after opening their office two months ago. I was impressed to hear the employees talking about job opportunities and programs for graduates because it shows that Amazon’s growth has helped the economy of the country by proving new jobs. It is competitive to get into Amazon and the hiring process seems very intense with four different interviews and tests, but it is not impossible and they are looking for the best talent to be part of a multinational company.

I was surprised to hear about Amazon’s organizational culture. The presenter talked about their leadership principles which are part of their culture. For example, Amazon’s goal is to be always innovating and creating solutions to problems, so they have this ideal that is always day 1 on Amazon, and all employees know it and that’s one the reasons they work for Amazon. I asked the presenter to explain more about the Amazon culture and he said that is a place where everyone is helping each other, employees are supportive with all tasks and projects, people are encouraged to take risks and bring new ideas to their duties, and that failure is not a negative thing for the company. I never thought that the work environment in Amazon Dublin has such amazing principles and values, and that’s why I liked learning about the company from the employee’s perspective.

Lastly, I just want to highlight some facts that I learned at the site visit. First, Netflix is a customer for Amazon, not a competitor. Second, Alexa is manufacture in China after making sure that their IP was legally protected by Chinese suppliers. Third, AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a separate entity from Amazon. Fourth, if Amazon’s cloud service shuts down, one third of the world’s internet goes down. Fifth, they have programs abroad for their employees all over the world!

At Amazon Dublin, Ireland

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