“She’s Preggo!!”- Captain Kirk

img_2642.jpgIMG_2641IMG_2635.jpgimg_2648.jpgI really hope the University of Pittsburgh does not make me change my featured image or title of this post, because it stems from my favorite inside joke of this whole trip, and it’s real purpose is to attract as many readers as possible  to this art I am about to make with the English language.   I apologize to any one who had to wait past my initial post for the rest of this blog, because I had to get some inspiration from my favorite take out authentic Italian pizza place; for all you foodies reading the name of the place is da Michele located in the outskirts of downtown Milan.  Their extra mozzarella pizza is the best thing to ever touch my very cultured taste buds I assure you.

The rest of the blog is about my life and fashion, business, and important things to me in my life, so if you’re just looking for my professional yelp reviewer opinion on food then you are welcome to quit reading and by no means will I be offended.  This was the second best day of my whole life and to put that in perspective the best day of my life is when I began to formally date in my opinion the most accurate representation of a Native American Princess.  For those who do not know why this could be the best day of my whole life please google the importance of the Navajo code talkers to the greatest US victories in the Pacific, realize this girl is the direct descendant of the chief of that Nation during the trail of tears, and read my other blogs to learn more about how much I appreciate unique cultures.  As a side note I did the thing I am most proud of on this trip as being someone the man, at the front desk of the hotel lobby where I can stay tonight, could console in about the hardest year of his life in which he smoked about 40 cigarettes a day.  For those who understand Italian culture you would understand how strong it was for this man to open up to me about this.  I gave him my contact information in case he has any health defects with his lungs later on in life, because I am one of the very few people to ever have a real full company visit at the University of Pittsburgh based start up company ALung (which in my opinion as a Bio-E is the greatest thing for smokers ever… once the FDA quits playing games and keeps pushing me to work in the EU’s medical field).

For those who argue I am no longer a “true” BIOE student, since changing my Major to Industrial Engineering with a concentration in Health Systems, just realize I won the award for the best Bio-engineering technology in what is heavily rumored to be Dan Budny’s last year as head of Pitt’s head of Freshman Engineering.  For those who do not recognize this as adequate validation for my strong opinions on Bio-engineering and me just try to realize this man is perhaps the greatest at weeding out “fakEngineers” at a school that heavily recruits as somewhere that does not try to weed out engineers.  If this does not make sense to someone who hasn’t attend Swanson recently I am sorry… you really are missing out on the finer things in life. If you know who Budny is though and still do not respect me as a bio-engineering student then I hope you get to listen to an endless loop of him giving the single highhandedly greatest rendition of the Jane and the Dragon story on an endless loop for the rest of your years.

For those still reading this blog, which is admittedly way too long for a blog I am forced to complete in order to keep the minimal scholarship they give to everyone in this program I am going to await the approval of Dan Budny’s prodigy and the greatest engineering 12 professor I ever had, Professor Adam B, before I finish my greatest literary work of all time.  If you are reading this a critiquing everything you possibly can mom realize I made the conscious decision to not risk my life borrowing my Italian American roommates (aka the figure head and main comedic relief of this blog) phone charger for the 5th time in 24 hours in an effort sleep somewhat sound tonight, and to make my day with Lorenzo that much better when I am reunited with my favorite European in my least favorite European city, Milano

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