A “Rustic” Hotel

IMG_1653A cooperative is a company which takes the resources of many and combines them to form one large company. This provides many opportunities for both small and large farmers alike. Coopedota is one of these cooperatives that provides services for farmers in the Santa Maria de Dota area. By being part of the cooperative, farmers are assured that their product will be bought at the same price as other producers, as long as they meet the minimum standards set by Coopedota. A disadvantage is that if the cooperative doesn’t have good pay, then the farmers aren’t guaranteed that they will be paid reasonably. This is an issue because small farmers won’t have the means to send their product to other exporters and cooperatives because of their location. They are limited by their location.

Without a cooperative, the Santa Maria de Dota area wouldn’t be able to support all of the small farmers that exist today. Many of the Ticos in this area rely on the ability to sell their coffee to a cooperative because of the equal opportunities across the board. If the cooperative didn’t exist, many of the farms would disappear or combine to form a large company.

Cafe Privilegios offers an opportunity for those in the area to experience what is being produced as a final product. By interacting with the community in a larger frame, Ticos can feel more connected with the community and other farmers. Creating a sense of community within coffee farmers can also encourage farmers to embrace higher standards and certifications.

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