Visit to a non-profit and state agency: FoodCloud and Enterprise Ireland

Yesterday we had our last two site visits of the program, and they were both very different companies with different goals and industries. I liked that we went to a non-profit and public organization on the same day because I was able to compare both companies regarding their structure, size and services provided to customers. In both, they are working internationally but the non-profit at a much smaller scale. Also, they are working to promote Ireland and for the benefit of the economy of the country. The non-profit is called FoodCloud which was established in 2012 and the state agency is called Enterprise Ireland which was founded in 1998. The number of years that these companies have been in the market is a big difference.

FoodCloud was my favorite site visit between these two companies because I really liked the goal of the company and the sincere work they have been doing for the past 6 years. FoodCloud works to reduce food waste by connecting food retailers with charities and distributing food from FoodCloud Hub to charities. Their office has a lot of decorations related to food wallpapers, and many pictures of their accomplishments which is a way to motivate employees to keep doing a job that helps the community. I enjoyed the tour of the facilities because the employee mentioned their revenue, costs, funds and how they are able to cover the operational costs of the plant, office and trucks. Also, he went over the technology they used to make more efficient their customer services and create more connections with their customers, even internationally.

                                                                     At FoodCloud Hub                                                                           

Enterprise Ireland is a big company compared to FoodCloud. It has over 720 staff and 150 overseas. It works for the department of business employment and innovation and their goal is to expand the Irish market in global markets. Also, they help create new companies and therefore employment in Ireland. It was interesting to see that they also provide funding for research in universities in Ireland and for companies as well, and that many of their leadership and entrepreneurship programs are done in American universities and for business students. Finally, one of their most valuable projects is to help women start their own business and to increase the number of women who are CEO of a company.   


At Enterprise Ireland


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