Cannoli Cannoli Bring Me the Formuoli

On our second to last day in Italy, we took another walking tour and listened to a presentation from a local Italian shoe startup.

On our walking tour, we visited another section of the city that we had not yet been to.  This area had many shops and was nice to walk around in.  We entered the Italian version of Macy’s, which was geared to luxury buyers.  Everything in the store cost way too many euros.  Regardless, it was an interesting experience and they had nice skybridge-escalator hybrids for us to ride on.

After the tour, we had family lunch, which was Milanese risotto and cutlet.  Then, we were let loose for a free afternoon.  We decided to visit the Milan castle, which is massive and very large.  Behind the castle, there’s Italian Central Park, which was a nice change of pace compared to the bustling city.  We also decided to take our guide’s dessert recommendation and began to search for the cafe.  Upon arrival, it was closed for renovations, and we were forced to walk for a very long amount of time to get to the other location.  Pictured above is my victory cannoli which was well worth the walk.

Then, I got a bit tangled up in the streets of Milan and ended up being late to the meeting with the Italian shoe company, but the presentation was well done and I learned a lot.  The company was very business focused so I was pretty interested.  Overall, this was one of the better days of the trip and I’m excited for the final day tomorrow.

One thing I learned about Italian culture is what risotto is.  This Italian dish is like mac and cheese made of rice with less thick cheese.  It is very tasty and Milan especially is known for this dish.

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