Shop (And Walk) Til You Drop

Ciao from Milan! Today, we met with a tour guide who took us on a Fashion Walking Tour. We walked through a street that is comprised of designer and luxury brands such as Dior, Gucci, Guess, and Dolce and Gabbana. After walking for a bit, we ended up at a concept store & department store: Excelsior. We walked around each floor — each one housing a different line of products such as shoes, accessories, lifestyle, men’s clothing, and women’s clothing. The goods are rotated routinely, about once per month for variety. They are not separated by brand and instead are creatively intermixed.

After the walking tour, we headed towards the castle for lunch at one of the nearby hotels. Then, my friend Anila and I walked around Milan for a while exploring the shopping district. We got gelato at Grom, arguably my favorite yet. I may be biased because I haven’t had any for three days though.

Afterwards, we met up with the rest of our group for a business lecture from Bottega Velasca. This company aims to promote lower cost high end men’s shoes because it follows a direct-to-customer approach which eliminates the need for mark-up from a middleman. They look to understand their target audience in order to profile their consumers which tend to be middle-aged professional men.

Afterwards, a few of us further explored Milan and visited the Lego Store and the Velasca store. It was really interesting to see the Velasca store after learning so much about these shoes. However, the Velasca store ended up being past the castle and park so it was a long but fun walk.

Then, we went to Michele’s for dinner. By this point, I was starving and so excited for pizza. It was well deserved after walking 11.54 miles and 26,379 steps…record-breaking day for me! So exciting!



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