Culturally Resourceful

For as small of a country as Ireland is, it received over 10 million tourists during 2017 according to the Irish times. This may not seem like a very large number, but when Irelands population of around 4 million is factored into the equation it becomes clear that Ireland is a tourist hub across Europe. Obviously with this level of success, Ireland must have some competitive advantages for attracting tourists. One main advantage is that the main language of the country is English. Aside from Americans making up a large portion of the total number of tourists that visit the country as a whole, English is a very common second language for a lot of countries inside and outside of the Europe. Another reason Ireland is extremely popular is because it is a smaller country that is easy to traverse. Visitors can travel from one coast to another in less than a day by car and easily visit multiple cultural and natural sites. Ireland also has a beautiful countryside mixed with attractive cities and a vibrant culture of friendly people who enjoy talking to foreigners. This, combined with the stereotypical “Irish Pub” and recognizable brands such as Guinness and Jameson, provide Ireland with a strong competitive advantage regarding tourism.

Although Ireland has many advantages regarding tourism it is not perfect and faces many obstacles. For starters it is directly next to the largest English speaking country Great Britain. They could potentially draw tourism to Britain instead of Ireland. Also, Ireland has a beautiful country side but a very unforgiving climate of cold and rain. This can decrease the demand from potential tourists who prefer warm climates. Lastly, Ireland does not have a diverse countryside with many different climates. Tourists may prefer a larger country that can provide a vast array of different natural climates. Dublin

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