Mekong River Delta

Today, we visited the Mekong river delta which is south of Ho Chi Minh city. The Mekong delta is extremely important to Vietnam as it is the area where most of their rice is grown. Also, the delta serves as important fishery. However, there are many issues with countries damning the river and this allows the salt water from the ocean to come further up the river. While we didn’t see any evidence of this, I can definitely see how it could impact life in the delta.

The first thing we did was sail to an island and sample some fresh fruit. We tried jack-fruit, bananas, and mangoes. Then, we listened to some Vietnamese folk music. The folk music was cool to listen to as the instruments were traditional. It was cool to see how music evolved in a different country. Then, we visited a chocolate making facility where they walked through how the coco bean is turned into chocolate. Also, I got to hold an anaconda around my neck while there. It felt weird as the skin of the snake was surprisingly smooth. Next on our agenda was the beehive. There we tried honey tea and some honey products. Lastly, we visited a coconut farm and learned the process of how coconut products were made.

After this was done, we visited a restaurant and were served a variety of foods. It was quite delicious. The biggest take away from this trip was the differences between city and country life. Ho Chi Minh is only a small part of what Vietnam is and we were able to see the other parts in our visit to the Mekong delta. The major difference was that the people of the Mekong were primarily farmers. However, they did share the same ingenuity as the people of the city. The tour we went on was composed of many different family run businesses showing that the country people are as ingenious as the city people with ways to make money. Overall, it was a great way to cap off the last week and I really enjoyed myself.

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