Day 10: Galwait… This Place Rocks!

Ireland… you beauty.

Now that our time is winding to a close, I’ve been able to think retrospectively about the experience as a whole. Honestly: what isn’t there to love?

From the scenic Cliffs of Moher and Wicklow Mountains to the booming technology hub based in Dublin, Ireland has many attributes to make it an attractive tourist destination. Aside from the Cliffs and the Mountains, Ireland has tons of other natural landmarks to see. Cities like Galway, Cork, and Dublin are all a manageable distance from each other, which I think is a huge benefit to Ireland as a travel destination. Moving away from the big cities, the countryside between them is beautiful, too.

Aside from landmarks all together, another huge incentive for people to travel here is the lack of a language barrier (for a good chunk of people). On our trip, so much information was derive from chatting with the Irish locals and business people; I’m not sure if it would’ve been such an enriching experience had I not been able to converse with them.

The last benefit I wanted to mention is the sense of pride in the Irish people. No matter where you go, you can find people are excited about something. I think this is hard for some other countries to replicate.

To look at some negatives, there are a few points I wanted to touch on. One that I think would turn tourists away – but didn’t effect me too much – is the rampant homelessness in the city centers. Being pestered by beggars is a little unsettling, especially with the frequency it has happened here. I haven’t been to too many major cities, so I’m sure this isn’t just a Dublin thing.

Outside of this, i think that another huge downfall is the (supposedly) worrisome weather. When people travel, I’d imagine that they don’t want to go somewhere where it rains 24/7; that ruins the feel of a vacation.

All in all, I think the good far outweighs the bad.

I loved my time here and could see myself coming back some time in the future.IMG_3648.jpg

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