Day 12: Expensive Things I Can’t Afford

This morning, we went on a walking fashion tour of Milan.  We walked through the streets with all of the main fashion designers and saw how well crafted their displays were.  Some examples of these stores are Gucci, Versace, Armani, and many more.  Then we went to a large luxury department store called Excelsior, where they have four floors of women’s clothes, men’s clothes, accessories, shoes, and lifestyle items (jewelry, hover boards, sunglasses, headphones).  It was very interesting to see all of the luxury brands and items, and although I need to spend my remaining euros, I sadly did not have enough to buy anything there.


Afterwards, we all ate risotto and veal for lunch.  I walked around the shopping district with a few people and we looked in several stores until it was time for our next lecture.

Back at the hotel, we had a marketing team member of Velasca, a hand-made Italian shoe company, come and speak to us about various business models and target audiences.  Velasca is a company that makes their own shoes and sells directly to the consumer.  This is known as a direct-to-consumer model.  Their target audience is men looking for a quality product without the luxury name-brand price.  She showed us several commercials they created to advertise their shoes for both formal office attire as well as casual clothing.  She gave a very interesting presentation and I felt like I learned a lot about marketing.

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