Our journey to find cannolis

Today we started off the day by going on a walking tour of the fashion shops of Milan. On the tour we went into the excelsior store where they had a bunch of high end fashion on display and for sale. I thought the building was interesting because the inside was designed entirely with metal, glass and mirrors.DF57E6BF-7DA4-4B7F-8E48-91F99BAB0493

After lunch a few friends and I went to explore the castle that was down the street from the restaurant. After walking through the castle we found an Italian park that we spent awhwalking around. During the walk we saw many animals and enjoyed being in nature for some time.3D7CD392-83DC-478F-9343-A7E7C20C6EA8

After our walk around the park we decided to go get cannolis at a place the tour guide recommended (Ammu). After spending 15 minutes trying to navigate our way to the cannoli place we finally arrrived only to find out it is closed for renovations. Fortunately the shop had another location whose address was posted at the closed store. The other location was in a completely different part of Milan so we had to take the metro and walk a lot to get to the other place. When we got to the place we got to enjoy cannolis that were totally worth the walk and effort to find them.

After eating our cannolis we realized we need to get back to the hotel for our meeting with a representative from the shoe company Velasca. Luckily we found a metro stop near the cannoli place so we were able to get back to the hotel quickly.

During the presentation by Velasca we learned about how they pick there target market. The presenter stressed the importance of figuring out who the target market for a product is so you know how to advertise and who to focus on. The presenter tought us that making sure ads for products are targeted correctly can help improve a company.

After the meeting a few of us went back to the canal area and enjoyed some more pizzas from our favorite pizzzia place in Milan.C6216367-FF7A-48F1-9E35-F5FCDE347D9E

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