Back to Milan We Go

Wow. Was today packed, or what? We woke up early and had to meet in the lobby at 8:45 to depart from Verona. We hopped on the bus and took off for the Logistics Center of Verona Fashion Consortium. We were talked to mostly about Italy’s e-commerce industry. In Italy, e-commerce is not as big of an industry because it is in the culture to visit physical stores to try clothing. The goal of the industry in Italy is more to integrate the physical and online stores rather than to completely replace the physical locations.

Next, we headed to the Sartoria Cavour Tailoring Company. This company produces and tailors luxury men’s’ suits for other brands and its own as well. The company is made up of only 40 workers and must produce 60 suits a day. We even got to see a demonstration from one of the artisans just sketching out a piece of a suit.

Next we ate lunch at a beautiful restaurant with a nice view. We had tortellini, bread, and tiramisu. It was so delicious.

22D3D9D8-F609-4FBE-BC68-3F81C012AE26Then we went to MF1, probably the most incredible site visit we’ve been to yet. Our tour was led in part by the one and only owner of the company, Mario Faroni. This was the company my team did research before coming to Italy, so I was especially excited, and rightfully so. The knitwear factory has worked with numerous luxury and iconic brands like Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, etc. We saw not only the process for which the clothes were developed, but got a demonstration of MF1’s own current line of reversible unisex clothing, and got to explore the company’s massive fashion library of classics the business has created in the past 40 years. I was almost deceased by the end of it.

We ended up back in Milan and after such a hectic day, I was happy to eat and relax with my friends.
(I wrote this post yesterday but forgot to hit publish.)

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