Finding the Perfect “Fit”

Can not believe that today was our last day to explore Italy! To end a surreal adventure, we had a workshop at the Milano Fashion Library. During this visit, we had a brief talk led by an employee of the Library, a tour, and time to explore the fashion artifacts. It was really interesting to learn about this private library that has compiled fashion magazines and articles since the 19th century! It acquires magazines for free from public relations and donations. This allows them to create a complex and thorough archive for prospective designers to seek inspiration when synthesizing a vintage flair with modern trends. Furthermore, lawyers do research here to determine the truth of new style. When a company is bought, they buy the name, reputation, and archive. The archive is the key component to a business because it is said that while fashion fades, style is eternal. The library even has its own magazine, so it is a service provider in terms of the supply chain. I personally loved looking at a booklet on active wear because I love wearing it and being motivated to reach my fitness goals from the bright colors and fun patterns. My absolute favorite part of this visit though was flipping through the vintage Seventeen magazines from the 1970s. While the advertisements are surely outdated, some of the articles were still relevant today. It is crazy to see how much as a society we have progressed in nearly 50 years but also how much we are influenced by that time. I loved seeing how I could improve my style game by incorporating more vintage clothing into my style.

We had our farewell lunch and got to meet the famous Diego. Yes, he does exist! It was fun to spend time with everyone for the last time. It’s crazy to think how we are all so much closer and know each other so well after only two weeks!

Afterwards, Kari and I went to the Castello Sforzesco and Parco Sempione. It was amazing to see the majestic castle and then breathe in fresh air in the park. I loved our walk and finally feeling more comfortable on the metro system. Then, I met up with some friends to shop at H&M.

For our final dinner, we explored for awhile before eating al fresco in Corso Como. I had really great pizza. It was different than I have had before in Italy because it was a much thicker crust with sweeter sauce. Then we got Grom gelato again — it was a great surprise to find that Grom was celebrating its 15th anniversary today and thus was giving out 1 euro gelato!! Perfect sorbet to end a perfect trip! Now, I’ll finish packing and get ready for an early start to a busy travel day. Ciao!!


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