Presentation Skills to Pay the Bills

Despite being quiet and reserved in most social settings, for whatever reason I don’t really mind giving presentations. I used to get extremely nervous but the more I present, the more confident I feel. One thing I always value in presentations is the presenter’s ability to be relatable yet professional without getting too stuffy. I think I do a decent job at conveying the information that’s needed while still sounding conversational and approachable. Most of the time I do not prepare a tight script for presentations and find it easier to just act as if I’m speaking one on one with another professional.

One thing I do not do well is to manage my speed! I hate pauses of silences and always feel the need to fill them in so I tend to speak quickly. Then I get ahead of myself and get tripped up on certain phrases or ideas that I’m trying to convey but can’t find the words for. I experienced this today during my presentation but I just tried to keep in mind that I was speaking to friends and they feel the same pressure of giving presentations. If I could change one thing about my presentation style, it would be to remain calm and allow myself to actually think about what I’m saying rather than blurting it out and blacking out on what I just said! Overall, I think I have pretty strong presentation skills and I’m looking forward to using them in my career, hopefully in advertising.

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